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Paint Spraying

Paint Spraying in Preston

Stephen Smith Decorators Ltd offer professional paint spraying for commercial, industrial and domestic properties in Preston and the North West.

Their paint-spraying customer base ranges from offices, shops and pubs to student accommodation and small building sites.

The advantage of paint spraying is that you achieve a high-quality finish in a fraction of the time it takes traditional decorators. Compared to roller-and-brush, it is faster, often taking less than half the time, smoother, with no roller or brush marks and cost-effective, with a big time saving on large-scale jobs.

Paint-spraying has been in existence since 1892 when American painter Francis David Millet was given the last-minute job of decorating the World Fair in Chicago and devised the first form of spray paint. Nowadays, high pressure forces paint through a nozzle into a fine spray.

"Paint-spraying is the future" Stephen enthuses. "On jobs it is appropriate for, it's much faster and you get an amazing finish. Decorators spray-paint all the time in America."

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is top priority, with an emphasis on friendliness and courtesy. Stephen is efficient and polite and will quickly arrange a site survey to assess your project and give a written quotation.

Paint-spraying projects In Preston include the prestigious Flower Bowl at Barton Grange Garden Centre just outside of Garstang and a small building site at Longridge.

Stephen Smith Decorators has also carried out paint-spraying in Sanctuary student accommodation at Central Lancashire University, Preston, Salford and Liverpool universities.

The company will take on larger domestic paint-spraying projects such as barn conversions and new-builds, doing both interior and exterior surfaces.

Kitchen Paint Spraying Preston

Tradesmen are specially trained in the use of airless sprayers and primarily use equipment from Tritech - in Stephen's opinion the industry-leading supplier.

Later in 2019, Stephen is also purchasing a paint-spray booth in Preston to help refurbish kitchens, giving a super-smooth, brand-new appearance to cupboard doors and units, and also to items of furniture.

Stephen Smith Decorators' high-tech approach, however, does not avoid a thorough preparation of surfaces beforehand.

"Some things do not change" says Stephen. "We still have to rub down, use filler and apply masking tape, as we have always done. Preparation is vital to a superb finish."